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Update: 03/31/24 Order your Salvia Divinorum Live plant today! Seeing as Salvia Divinorum seeds are essentially non-existent get yourself started with one of my well established Live Salvia Divinorum plants. 

Salvia Divinorum Plants are nearly established and ready to ship 04/08/2024.

Live Salvia Divinorum Plant Guarantee:

Simply contact me within 12 hours of delivery with a photo of your dead plant at [email protected] and I will ship you out a brand new salvia divinorum plant. If your plant is not completely dead, I will guide you on how to revive it. Salvia Divinorum plants are sensitive and while it is very rare, some plants perish in the mail. You’ll get a good plant from me and that’s my guarantee!


With this purchase you will receive 1x Established Live Salvia Divinorum plant. The box is a simple flat rate USPS mailbox that doesn’t reveal the contents. The return label says “RS” as the sender to ensure discreet shipping. I ship on Mondays with USPS priority mail boxes so your Salvia plant is quickly sent to you. They are sent in a Priority Mail Flat rate Medium or Large sized boxes. In periods of extreme weather I sometimes put a sticker that says “live plant, please leave in shade” on the Box.

Our Salvia Divinorum Plants are packaged very carefully and shipped in special plastic containers to hold everything in place.

Accepted Payments: 

The two payment options I accept are Bitcoin and money orders. I’ve noticed most people aren’t familiar with Bitcoin or how to buy it. Bitcoin is super easy to use! I personally prefer the apps “Strike” or “Cash app”. Both of these apps have native Bitcoin areas that after you activate them (you just do their internal ID verification with your driver’s license or passport)

Unboxing and setup video:


Alaska, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Puerto Rico.


Salvia Divinorum (also known as sage of the diviners, Ska María pastora, Seer’s sage, Yerba De La Pastora or simply Salvia) is a plant species native to the Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca Mexico.


Salvia Divinorum plants produce few viable seeds even when it does flower. In the 12 years I’ve been growing them I’ve had many flowers, but I’ve never attempted to pollinate them.

I have grown these Salvia Divinorum plants for 12 years and they have always been strong and worthwhile. They prefer to grow in shaded sunlight and they don’t like direct full sunlight. It is best to grow indoors year round under shop light LED lights. Salvia Divinorum plants aren’t tolerant to freezing or burning temperatures. My temperature fluctuates between 60-85° and my humidity is usually around 55%. With lower fluctuations the leaves start to curl until the new more adapted growth comes in.


When you receive your Live Salvia Divinorum plant you should unbox it asap. Your Salvia Divinorum Plant will likely be a little shocked after shipping and will benefit from a humidity dome, and some light. I make a humidity dome out of the remains of a cut up plastic gallon of water. Make sure to cut various small triangular or square holes in the humidity dome to allow airflow. A humidity dome should not be used for more than 3-4 days.


The lights I recommend are the cheapest twist in LED light bulbs you can buy most places like home depot or walmart. It is unnecessary to purchase specific plant grow lights, or LED light panels. I use bulbs in the 5000K color spectrum, place the light 2-2.5 feet away from the plant and set on a timer for 16 hours on, and 8 hours off. You should go buy a cheap timer to control the lights, do not try and do light cycle manually as it will not work. Here is a light bulb type that I recommend:


You should let your new Salvia Divinorum Live Plant settle in to your local climate for 2 weeks before repotting. I recommend a Plastic Pot. Other pots such as Clay pots only have one drainage hole and get moldy fast in my experience. I have also experienced issues with being able to properly water fabric pots without completely soaking everything and they also get moldy faster than plastic pots (which never get moldy in my experience) and for this reason I also do not recommend fabric pots. Same concept goes for self watering pots. The pot should be no larger than 3 times the size of the current pot. For soil I exclusively use Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil. I have also used regular Miracle Grow potting soil in the past with great results.


I fertilize the Salvia Divinorum plants every 4th of 5th watering with a solution of FoxFarm Grow Big Liquid Fertilizer. I use a concentration of 2ml per gallon of mountain spring water. Salvia Divinorum IS NOT a heavy feeder. If you over fertilize your plants will suffer. Do not make the common mistake of loving them to death.


All salvia Divinorum plants for sale are for decorative, or landscaping purposes. You must be 18 Years of Age or older to purchase. Packages returned to sender due to an undeliverable address or by any other means will count as having been fulfilled.  Double check to confirm you are using the correct shipping address. By purchasing you agree to these terms.


After reviewing this page feel free to contact me with any specific questions. I can be reached here, I respond within 24-48 hours:

You can also contact me on reddit username u/zorg621

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43 reviews for Salvia Divinorum Plant (Free Shipping!)

  1. Nick

    The plant came in looking healthy and strong, it’s a very thick cutting too which I appreciate. using bit coin through cash app was actually really easy, the rates look slightly off but they‘re basically identical.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Anthony Lara

    My play came in more than a month ago the owner of had to send it the week after or something like that because of the extreme heat but as soon as he shipped it it arrived within two-three days and in excellent condition the plant came in very healthy and he gave me advice on my plant care when I sent him a pic of my plant under a 4000k light he told me to get a 5000k light instead so I did and the plant is growing really big and healthy in organic oro Miracle grow under a 4 foot double tube shop light like the one he uses in his video I also water like once every 5 or something like that how he explained in his hands in video extremely happy will keep this mother plant alive for decades to come Anthony Lara from Mexico

  3. MG

    Got my plant about 10 days ago. Very strong, healthy plant that just wanted to grow. Now, it’s up to me to keep it healthy!

  4. @frickass

    Great communication. Fast shipping. Healthy resilient rare shrubs. What more could you want?

  5. Venvetti R

    Fast shipping! Super helpful! Plant is healthy!
    He shipped it on Monday it arrived on a Thursday alive and well answering all my questions along the way.

  6. Clem

    Great communication by the seller. I received the plant in great condition. Very well packaged for protection. Heard of the seller from reddit. I would definitely recommend.

  7. Alex

    The plant arrived before the date expected so kudos on the fast shipping speed! I was expecting it to be droopy and wilted because of being in a box for days but it looked healthy as if it came straight out the garden. Customer service is exceptional. He answered all my questions quickly and has been very helpful through the whole
    process from ordering to aftercare. I highly recommend purchasing from here and I will definitely be returning for my future purchases. Thanks rareshrub<3

  8. Monica B.

    Ordered my plant on Saturday night and paid in Bitcoin. Thanks to the strike referral discount I got a big discount off my two plants. I got $10 for signing up on strike, $10 back from rareshrub after I purchased (they haven’t setup the coupon to do multiple coupon discounts so they sent it to me manually) and when I bought two plants I used coupon code 20off for $20 off. The plants were shipped the following Monday and I received them today Wednesday. I couldn’t be happier. The price was kind of high but for the quality of plants and service of the owner I am more than content. My two plants were a total of $150 after the discounts and referral codes.

  9. Z

    The seller was extremely helpful with shipping times and took pride in ensuring the specimens not only were shipped in a timely manner, but would be healthy and well cared for once received. The plant arrived in very secure packaging and in perfect condition. Shipping was very fast. There are so few sites that actually sell Salvia Divinorium and I’m glad I found and can recommend this one

  10. Thomas H.

    This shop was a surprise to me as I’ve been looking for a reliable salvia Divinorum live plant vendor for a few years now. It’s seems most of them are either scams or the websites are older and they don’t actually sell salvia anymore. I ordered my plant, paid in Bitcoin and it was shipped out the following Monday. I received a very healthy specimen and the [email protected] email is very responsive and helpful. Thank you for my plant.

  11. The PPP

    Very well packaged and very healthy. Thanks alot for all your help !

  12. cassidy

    plants arrived in good condition. shipping was super fast to so cal. very grateful for this shop

  13. c t

    perfect specimens of s divinorum.
    arrived super quick to san diego. good sized plants. getting hard to find people selling this species. im thankful for this shop.

  14. Erica

    The seller was extremely communicative about shipping times and took a real personal interest in making sure the plants arrived happy and healthy. My new plants arrived on time (as per the tracking info provided) and in excellent condition. The packaging protected them fully, and they are very lush and healthy looking. I can wholeheartedly recommend this site as a place to buy quality Salvia Divinorum plants.

    • RareShrub

      Reviews like this really make my day. Thank you so much Erica. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions!

  15. Samson

    I received my plants super quick! I was nervous to pay in Bitcoin as I had never done it before. But I followed the sites instructions to create a Strike account and I even got a free $10 credited to my strike account using the affiliate code JBMLY0 which I used toward the purchase of my salvia plant. I created my strike account on a Friday and the account was verified that night. I ordered my three salvia plants the next day on Saturday, the 3 plants were shipped Monday, and I got them today Wednesday. Rareshrub is the best and the plants were packaged EXTREMELY securely. When I reached out to rareshrub via email they even gave me an additional $10 off coupon for signing up with strike just like the site says. The operator follows through and is very detail oriented and I will be back again.

  16. Austin S.

    Received my plant last month. It arrived a little rough but I suspect that was due to the long shipping. The plant was shipped from California and I’m in New York so it had a very long journey to me. The owner has been wonderful in answering all my questions and with their advice my plant recovered and quickly started thriving, today it is a large plant and it’s gotten very bushy.

  17. Michelle Boderock

    The best Salvia Divinorum website I’ve come across. I was scammed by farmer bob a few years ago and was hesitant to purchase another salvia plant. RareShrub looked legit and after reading the reviews and reaching out to the owner via email, I made up my mind to buy. I ordered on Sunday night, the plant was shipped out Monday afternoon, and I received it Wednesday. It is obvious that a lot of care was put into packaging my plant for it’s journey to me and I am a very satisfied customer.

  18. Tanner

    Received a nice plant fast. Owner is knowledgeable and helped me grow plant

  19. Gershom

    Amazing service. Received a very healthy plant quickly, answered all my questions, the salvia Divinorum plant was packaged extremely securely, and I was able to pay in Bitcoin. Wonderful and I know where I’ll go if I need another salvia plant in the future.

  20. Ryan

    Very pleased with my purchase. Plant was very well packaged and very healthy upon arrival-looks much healthier than plants I’ve received from other vendors. Great customer service as well. Thankful for this shop and what they’re doing.

  21. Joel Arnstein

    After a few years of searching for a reputable Live Salvia Divinorum Plant vendor I was happy to stumble upon Rareshrub. I was sent a very healthy Salvia plant and the seller is full of helpful advice. The price was higher than I have seen on other websites but the plant was in stock and ready to ship immediately. I got the plant in 2 days! The seller also answered all my questions very thoroughly. Thank you rareshrub.

  22. James Reynolds

    Rareshrubs delivered a very healthy plant which is doing well. I had been looking for a salvia divinorum plant and they delivered. The plant was packed well and pot was still moist. A few days under the lights and the plant perked right up from the days in transit. I am very happy with it. I will shop here again. Thanks again

  23. SHS

    My plant arrived quickly via mail and was a happy, healthy plant upon arrival despite the NY cold. Very happy I can be part of preserving this sacred plant. Great customer service too. I am a very satisfied customer…

  24. Garrison

    Very happy to find a Legitimate seller with this special plant. Fast shipping arrived one day sooner than expected, packaging was very neat and done by a perfectionist.

  25. Jim

    After a great deal of research and consideration I selected “rareshrub” to make a purchase. Upon arrival to my home I found the plant to be carefully packaged just like the website says. In addition, the specimen was very healthy, including an abundance of new growth. Communication from “rareshrub” was excellent throughout the process. They even offered to provide guidance after the sale. There is no doubt I made the right choice!

  26. JDN1974

    Wonderfully packaged plant, rapid delivery and amazing responsiveness. This seller is fantastic and the plant was in terrific condition. Thank you!

  27. Tristan

    The plants arrived happy and in great condition with fast shipping and great packaging. I am satisfied. Rareshrub was very informative and gave me good information to be successful.

  28. Dan

    Plant arrived looking good – well packaged! I am a beginner so I have been asking a lot of questions via email and getting a lot of support from the seller here – and that has been very much appreciated !- Just hoping I can keep this plant alive now…. 🙂

  29. Nathan

    If your looking for a live Salvia Divinorum plant, Rareshrub is the place to go. Yesterday I received my plant and was surprised how much care was taken to make sure it arrived happy and healthy. After unboxing it I emailed Rareshrub with a few questions and promptly received valuable information on proper care. As others have said before this seller is super supportive and helpful to novices like myself. Top notch shipping and customer support, you may have to wait a while for your plant to ship out but it is well worth the wait. I look forward to growing and propagating this plant for years to come.

    • RareShrub

      Hi Nathan,

      I’m glad you are happy! I’m sorry about the delay, winter took me by surprise. I’ve systematized things much better and now plants should be basically in stock for immediate shipment for new customers. Thank you for your comment and again if you need any more advice reach out to me!

  30. Gabe D

    I was very satisfied with my purchase and with all of the support from Rareshrub! I ordered a live Salvia Divinorum and it arrived in great condition! The packaging was amazing and very easy to open and get the plant out of as well. I emailed Rareshrub and they were so helpful! The plant was in perfect condition, but I was curious about some small details of raising it. I would recommend this website to anyone curious about raising their own Salvia Divinorum . The plants are high quality, the shipping is fast and comes with a tracking number, and the owner is super helpful and supportive of novices.

  31. Wendy

    Excellent product! I recieved exactly what was advertised. Packaging and shipping tracking was great. The care instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Customer service and communication about my order was absolutely great. Definently would order additional products in the future. Happy ? growing!

  32. SuS

    Great plant, fast shipping. She is already sprouting new growth after only a few days.
    Packaged perfectly and with great care.
    Thank you for the mother of what will hopefully be a future native NC sage..

  33. Kris

    I bought one Salvia initially being skeptical about everything, but I’ve been thrilled by the results! The plant arrived extremely healthy. The packaging perfectly protected the plant and kept it healthy in transit. I was so happy with the results I quickly bought another one with even better results because I had tracking info so it didn’t sit at my PO box.

    Great product and company. I’ll be looking to purchase other products in the future.

  34. Johnathen Sprague

    I recieved a healthy young plant in the mail a couple of months ago and my plant has been been doing very well ever since! My salvia plant has grown a lot since then! I am very happy I decided to purchase my salvia plant from! I would definitely purchase more plants from this site again! Thank you for the awesome addition to my plant collection! I am very happy that I was able to find a reliable source for finding my salvia plant! I hope that many more people who are looking for a high quality salvia divinorum plant will discover and have a similar experience to mine!

  35. Scott

    I was impressed with the packing. The shipping had tracking which is a good thing so you can make sure your there when it comes. It was delayed for a day (that is no fault of rareshrub) and I don’t think she liked the heat this time of year. I think she will bounce back and make it. This is the place if you want a thick stem already robust plant. I am thinking of ordering another but in the fall perhaps when traveling won’t have the additional heat stress. I am also thinking of a few carnivorous plants with the next order. Great to have a legit grower sending out well grown plants. Thanks

  36. Jessica

    Ordered 2 plants they were packed nicely so they wouldn’t move and great price. Shipping was quick as promised and gave me great advice on care.

  37. Cameron

    I just got my plant after USPS delayed the package. It was in the mail from December 14th to 26th and I was expecting a sad or dead plant but was happily surprised to find the plant in wonderful health! What a hardy plant! I am super happy with my plant and believe the only reason it survived in a box so long is because of how wonderfully packed it came; the soil was still moist when I took it out of the box. I look forward to growing this plant large enough where I can make some clones to put in my hydro system! Will probably be buying the carnivorous plant soon too as it has piqued my interest.

    I will likely upload a picture of the plant to reddit since I can’t upload a photo here!

  38. Collin

    I’m impressed with the shipping time and method. Thank you for carrying this plant

  39. Bobby

    I am so happy with my new plant! It was packed well, not damaged, and was delivered before I even expected it! I say this because just over a year ago, I bought a Salvia divinorum cutting from a completely different website and I still have yet to receive it. Fortunately for me, THIS company is actually trustworthy! I truly thank for being honest in such a deceptive world.

  40. HZ

    Came in live and we’ll packed. Will be purchasing another here shortly. Plant acclimatized easily.

  41. Jess N

    Live plant arrived safe and in perfect condition! Was extremely well packaged. And I received it 2 days earlier than expected. Happy camper right here, will be returning again for sure! I highly recommend rareshrub and can’t wait for my growing journey experience with this one 🙂

  42. Darren Burns

    RareShrub both sold me my plant and helped me make it flourish. It arrived well-protected from rough handling and dry air, and despite my initial pure-hearted mistreatment, managed to thrive with RareShrub’s help.

    It looks great now, and I’m hoping to make my first cuttings sometime soon!

  43. M

    I ordered a live Salvia Divinorum plant which came in perfect condition. Salvia was packed in a small plastic pot with soil and moist paper towels on the surface of the soil, in order to ensure that the plant had enough moisture during shipping. The stem and leaves were protected by a plastic bottle. All this was taped securely within the box so the plant wouldn’t jostle around on the journey. Shipping was fast, too. Also, the customer service is really wonderful, kind, and courteous. I cannot emphasize enough how nice the person running this site is! I highly recommend for anyone who is seeking to care for Salvia Divinorum and help her flourish.

    • RareShrub

      I’m stoked that you’re stoked! Thank you for the support 🙂

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